Family Room Design ideas to Perfect Your Home Design


Family room design ideas have to be carefully chosen and planned. It is the room where you will gather with your family, spending times together after exhausting activities all day long. So, it must be comfortable and looks beautiful. If the family room is small, you don’t have to worry. You can follow these design tricks to make your room appears larger and still looks pretty at the same time.

Make Seating Space the Priority

A family room is a place to chill and relax. So, the most important thing you have to prioritize is the seating area. Consider the size of your family and make sure the number of seating in the room is enough. If your room is very small, you can consider creating a nice floor seating area.

You also can prepare beanbags or poufs that can be put aside when they are not used. In addition, you also can put a nice ottoman that cannot be only used for seating, but also extra table and even leg rest.

Pick Small Scale Furniture with Lightweight Appearance

It is important to pay attention to the scale and appearance of the furniture. Even though a huge boxy sofa will make a nice and comfortable addition to your family room, such furniture will make your small room looks even smaller. So, go with sofa that has visible legs.

Furthermore, choose neutral colors for the big furniture, but you can still add colours and accents by putting a table cloth or throw pillows. Moreover, don’t forget to stick with small scale furniture to maintain the beauty and flow of the room.

Take Advantage of Mirror

Mirror is always a good match for small room because reflection will give extra sense of space to a tiny room. To maximize the function of mirror, you should not only hang one or two on the wall. You also can take advantage of mirror-top coffee table. Coffee table usually takes a lot of space in a room, but if you pair it with a mirror-top, the room will not look cramped.

Shift the Attention with Fabulous Decorations

Your living room is small. That is a fact that you cannot change unless you change the footprint of your house or move to a bigger house. But you can make everyone forgets about the size of the room by shifting the attention to something else. You can do it by hanging some eye-catching painting that will move the attention to the upper part of the room.

You also can play with pattern and textures on the carpet, throw pillows or sofa cover. Decorations are often deemed unsuitable for small room because it makes the tiny room looks even more crowded. But if you keep everything balanced, ornaments and decorations can help shifting the attention away from the size of the room.

When it comes to designing small family room, the key is to combine comfort and simplicity with beautiful and colourful accents here and there. You also can use these tips if you are looking for small living room ideas with TV.


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