French Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Own Kitchen


When you have a new kitchen, you may want to apply French kitchen design to decorate your own kitchen. Actually, French kitchen can be your choice because it looks awesome. Before applying French country design to your kitchen, make sure you have known about what French country design is. Actually, this style is much recommended for you who like comfortable, warm, and beautiful kitchen design.

Yes, French country design is identical with warm, beautiful and comfortable look. Here are some information for you about it.

How to Decorate a Kitchen with French Kitchen Design Look

How to create a French country kitchen? You just need to choose base color for your kitchen, and try to combine it with furniture. Make sure the furniture you choose looks so comfortable and elegant. About base color, pale or soft color is usually used in French kitchen. So, you can also paint your kitchen wall with soft or pale color. Choose a color that looks soft, warm, or comfortable.

French Kitchen Design Ideas

Some of you may confuse to apply French design to your kitchen. Actually, there are so many ideas about French kitchen design, such as below:

French Kitchen with Natural Materials

Furniture or kitchen element made of natural materials will look so good in French kitchen. Natural materials you can choose are brick, wood, and stone. The use of natural materials will make a French country kitchen looks warm and comfortable. For example, you can choose wood cabinetry, a kitchen island with marble countertop, and other kitchen elements that made of natural material.

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French Kitchen with a Large Kitchen Island

It is other idea to create French design look in your kitchen. A large kitchen island will make your kitchen looks spacious. Even, you can also use a large kitchen island to serve foods. By placing some dining chairs around it, it can be dining area for your family. To add warm look, you can choose a kitchen island with wooden countertop.

French Kitchen with Unique Kitchen Island

Whenever you feel so confuse to choose color palette for your French kitchen, you can try to decide color of cabinetry and kitchen island. Actually, you can use different colors for your cabinetry and kitchen island. For example, you choose white cabinetry and grey kitchen island with wood countertop. As long as the color matches so well, you can create beautiful and comfortable French Kitchen.

Modern French Kitchen with Darker Cabinetry

Choosing French design as your kitchen design doesn’t mean that you can’t choose your favorite color. Actually, dark color is also good for your kitchen. For example, you choose black wooden cabinetry to add exotic look in your kitchen. Combine it with wood flooring, chandelier, and wooden dining table. Finally, it will look so elegant and beautiful.

Well, those are some information for you about French kitchen and some ideas about it. Actually, there are still many ideas about modern French kitchen design that can be your recommendation, but hopefully some ideas above help you to decorate your kitchen with French design.

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