Simple Large Living Room Ideas that Will Light Up the Room


If some people usually look for tips and styles to decorate small living room, today we are going to share the styles and designs of large living room design ideas. We believe that no matter what size the living room is, it always has its own challenge and so is large living room. Having a large living room at same point can be an amazing opportunity to design it as entertaining as possible. But if you overdo it, it will not look pleasant and comfortable.

So, the question is, how can style a large living room nicely without making it awkward and easy to be furnished? Let’s check out our tips below!

Think about zones

The first that you have to take note is about zones. While in a small room you usually have only one room and don’t have additional space for furniture, now in a large room, you have more than enough space. Large living room can be designed for not only a sitting area, but also another entertainment corner depends on the size and shape of the room. Identify the size of your living room and what can you do with it. Be creative in designing your living room to make the best of it.

You can design it with writing desk for a small corner for you to work, or have small movie theater with the coziest lazy chairs or sofas. Picturing your family members and friends can help you determine what kind of living room you want to have. Consider your hobby too to create a certain theme in to it.

Divide the space clearly

You can add half pillars, walls, and ceiling beams to divide the room with another room visually. You can design it in a flexible and semi-permanent way that you can change again in the future.

You also can divide the room by using curtains, rugs, wallpaper, and even furniture placement to create comfortable space in such a big room. The other furniture to divide spaces within your living room is sofa with its back, a chaise longue, large lamps, and tables between chairs, plants, a large bench, and even curtains.

Anchor the living room

Large room or great living areas can end up very cluttered and unpleasant if you put too many tiny decorations or small pieces in it without something to anchor them. Try to use a sectional, a large coffee table, a piano, a large sofa, or maybe built-in bookcases to help you anchoring the room. And for the smaller pieces you can reduce them or use some of them as accents.

Interior design large living room talks about grand or luxurious things when it comes to design a large living room. But you can start trying simple things to be placed in a big living room.

Make a statement and show a little bit of your personality by placing your important things in it like your desk or sofa with bright color. You can browse more pictures of big living room design to add the inspiration.

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