Wonderful Purple Bedroom Ideas That Worth To Try


Purple can be said as the color of abundance and spirituality, making it a good choice for decorating your bedroom walls. If you have not yet familiar with the touch of purple in your room, and still do not have any idea of how to apply it right, then take the following purple bedroom ideas into your consideration in decorating your space.

Purple for Master Bedroom

Because of its impression that can stir up people’s strong emotion, either hate or love, purple is rarely used as the color to decorate a master bedroom. Instead, this color is often used in a child’s bedroom, especially the girl’s one. Purple is more often used in a female child’s bedroom since it shows femininity.

In fact, purple can also be used to decorate a master bedroom, as long as it is done in a right way. The color can enhance the sophisticated impression in the master bedroom, and it is suitable for both women and men.

Dark Purple Walls

Most of people may prefer to play safe with the use of pastel or very soft purple to paint their bedroom walls. In fact, if you dare to use a rich and deep purple on your bedroom wall, you will be able to create a stylish and soothing look to your bedroom.

This dark and rich color is not only suitable for bedrooms with a bright light, but it is also suitable for those with a dim light.

The Calming Vibe of Soft Purple

If you do not like dark purple, you can try the lighter tone of this color. Soft purple does give the calming effect to the bedroom owners. It can also enhance the romantic atmosphere in your bedroom.

Soft purple is, indeed, better than just ordinary plain and neutral colors.

Purple Ceiling

Let the color go all out in your bedroom. You can go beyond the ordinary purple wall, if you want a stronger impression of purple in your room.

The combination of white and a little bit touch of purple wallpaper on your bedroom walls and a rich, bold purple paint on your ceiling is definitely a good idea to show that you do love purple. To avoid the overwhelming effect, you can add other accents of neutral colors to your small furnitures.

Glamorous Purple

If you think that purple is a childish color that only suitable for a child’s bedroom with an over dramatic impression, you are completely wrong. Purple can transform your ordinary bedroom into a more sophisticated-looking bedroom if you combine it with the right color accent and furnitures.

If you choose the bold purple color for your walls, you are suggested to avoid applying too much touch of any other color accents, except the neutral and plain ones. Besides, you should also use the furnitures with minimalist designs to enhance the sophisticated look of the room.

Those are some purple bedroom decorating ideas that may be suitable to be applied in your room. If you apply it right, purple can definitely evoke the calming vibes, peace, and abundance in your bedroom.

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